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  • How To Negotiate Job Offer Via Letter Writing
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    When the job offer comes to your table, you should be happy at the first place in bad economy time. But what if the salary or pay offered was not up to your expectation? That’s where the negotiation skills come to apply in your letter.

    Take your time and clear your head to consider your offer and review is the overall compensation benefit was good.

    Calculate the overall benefit value as whole and it’s an attractive offer for you.

    If not, get ready to write the letter to open negotiation on your offer terms.

    Before you write down the letter to negotiate the offered terms, think of what you can use to justify your salary expectation.

    If you have close acquaintance or peer with the same jobs background and experience, try to study salary range before setting the benefit expectation.

    Sample Letter On How To Negotiate Job Offer

    Dear Mr./Ms. (Name),

    Thanks for your offer letter sent by you on (date) and I enjoyed the time knowing you and I would like to work for (company name) under you.

    However, the offer letter written pay was $30,000 which was not in my expected value.

    Le me know if it’s possible to increase your offer in salary or benefit terms.

    I am still interested on pursuing this position in (company name).

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    (Sender Name)

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