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    Looking for appointment reminder letter? There are some people who will miss out on an appointment just because they were not reminded.

    As always if you have the time to do so, feel free to write an appointment reminder letter. remind them of the venue, date and time for the meeting. Many people who receive reminder letters will actually honor their appointments.

    An appointment reminder letter is just a notice to let your guests know that you do not intend to postpone the meeting or make any changes in the time schedule. Always use a friendly tone when writing such a letter and if possible mention the name of the guest.

    If the appointment involves a number of guests, remind them about dress code, agenda of the meeting, and any other relevant issues. Inform them how a delay will cause much inconvenience since the issues to be discussed require enough time to conclude.

    This is not a personal letter and you should avoid writing too many words. Keep it short and straight to the point. Below is a sample of an appointment reminder letter that will help you get started:

    Example Of Appointment Reminder Letter

    (Your business name)
    (Your business address)


    (Invitee position)
    (Invitee business name)
    (Invitee business address)

    Dear (Name),


    This is to act as a reminder for the meeting to discuss about (give reason for meeting). The meeting is scheduled to take place on (mention date) at (mention venue).

    We wish to remind you that the meeting will commence at (mention time) and below is the agenda that will be followed during the discussions (outline the agenda using bullets or numbers)

    We are expecting close to (mention number of guests) men of stature and integrity; we have therefore decided (mention dress code) as the dress code of the day.

    Please try to keep time so that we may conclude every item raised in the agenda.

    Yours Sincerely,
    (Your name, title and signature)