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    Looking for how to write condolence letter to colleague? Sharing a table or a workstation with a colleague for sometime create a bond which results in familiar with the close relatives of the colleague, his likes and dislikes and to certain extent his basic character as such.

    Therefore when a mishap occurs in the family of the colleague such as death of his or her close relative part of the sorrow rubs in other colleague as well. Calling immediately and followed by a letter to convey your state of mind is expected out of you.

    Because, occasions like these calls for showing your concern, it is in these actions the social nature of the human being prevails. No fancy words and phrases from dictionary are necessary.

    If you could put in words what comes to your mind when you think about the departed soul that is more than enough.

    However, write as soon as you can when you hear about the same. Let us look into a sample condolence letter to a colleague who has lost his relative recently.

    Example Of Condolence Letter To Colleague

    Dear (Name),

    I am writing this letter to mourn on the demise of your beloved (relation), Mr. Edward. What a loss to you that too considering the age at which this mishap occurred.

    It seems to me like yesterday that I have attended the First New Year party when I was stationed in the city on my deputation.

    A bond developed from that day is kept renewed whenever there is an occasion to meet your family. The parting words “you are one of the family now, so don’t hesitate to drop in from time to time’’ still ringing in my ears.

    I am sure you are also at a great loss due to the special reverence you had for the deceased. I request you to face this mishap as a close-knit family always can and look forward to be the one who is in charge of things.

    Don’t worry about the situation back here. Three of us from the desk near you are doing the best to see that you will not be disturbed at this juncture.

    Please convey my condolence to your family members.

    Yours Sincerely,

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