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    Sometimes people try to climb the corporate ladder but instead of trying the luck inside, they often seek the opportunity from the outside world. Manager cover letter will be written by those people who have been in the job or career a while and plan to pursue for manager position.

    Past and current work experience written in your cover letter will help to emphasize your background and goals.

    Remember to describe your past and current experience by using action verbs in your manager cover letter.

    Action verbs was far more powerful than the normal verbs so use it wisely in your letter writing.

    If you are a manager with good working experience, you should highlight your result and achievement in your cover letter.

    Besides, you can explain on why do you fit the position and how you will contribute to the company.

    Example Of Manager Cover Letter

    Dear (Name of Recipient),

    As Marketing Director for a letter writing company, I expanded the customer base with one hundred thousands average per year.

    I am the Marketing lead on the acquisition on Letter Professional Co. and lead the merging synergy in less than 1 year.

    If you are looking for someone who has great marketing skill and marvelous experience, then you have found him.

    Let me describe my key accomplishments:

    • Lead 200 staff in expanding the market share in corporate and consumer level
    • Initiated an aggressive marketing campaign that helps to increase the Sales in double figure

    I believe that I can expand the customer base in your company and topple the market share among the competitor.

    I would be happy to meet with you at your convenience for further role discussion.

    (Sender Name)