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Character Reference Recommendation Letter

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    Letter of recommendation for character reference is a letter that speaks of an individual’s character and abilities. The main purpose of the letter is to provide comprehensive information about an individual’s employment context or academic context in the case of a student.

    When looking for employment, the letter is submitted alongside your resume and enhances your chances of getting a job. The letter can be written by a personal acquaintance, clients, teachers, neighbors and professors.

    Group leaders can also write the letter if you are a member of a volunteer organization. When writing a letter of recommendation for character reference, ensure to be factual and honest. This is because the letter describes personal attributes of an applicant.

    More importantly, the letter should be objectively stated to enhance professionalism. It should be a credible letter that reflects true and positive attributes of an applicant.

    The letter should also allow the person to whom it is being addressed to, to have a better understanding of an applicant. Therefore, when writing the letter, try to read it and ensure each point is clearly stated.

    Example Of Character Reference Letter

    March 13, 2012
    Greenville Institute
    00054, Greenville Lane
    To Whom It May Concern

    It is a great pleasure to write this letter on behalf of Gregory Brown. I have known Brown for the past years. As a student in my institution, Brown has always been an honest and hardworking student.

    He deserves scholarship because in every field, he demonstrates to be a result oriented student who makes the most of every opportunity to better himself. He is humble and a student of an exceptional character.

    He also comes from a humble background and maintains good relations with his age mates, teachers, parents and other members of the society.

    Please consider awarding Brown your scholarship for him to reach greater heights.

    Yours Faithfully,
    John Duke

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