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Recommendation Letter For Promotion

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    A recommendation letter for promotion is written by a manager or other senior official providing information about an employee. An employee may need this letter to show that they are qualified for a promotion on a certain job post.

    Personal Details

    You need to start by disclosing personal details. These include your contact information and name. You should also keep in mind the reason for writing this letter. You can also give a brief explanation of the employee performance. Show how they have been improving their productivity in the company


    Here, you give brief explanation of challenges you may have faced working with the employee. You explain difficulties they had fitting under your department due to insufficient experience.


    This is a stage where you give plans that an employee has executed to improve their performance. For instance, you may give a description of conferences and training sessions they have attended to improve their skills.


    In this section, you give you views about the employee. Let the reader see what you think about the employee. However, this should be backed by the experience and skills they have gained while performing their duties.

    Sample Recommendation Letter For Promotion

    The President,
    Communication Outsourcing Limited

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Re: Recommendation For Promotion – (Employee’s name and position)

    I am (your name) the (managerial position you hold). (Name of the employee) has proved his/her mettle to be a real reformist in propelling our organization forward. He has shown this in the past (number of years) he/she has worked with us.

    (Employee’s name) joined our company without much experience but with his determination to learn he has introduced many innovations. With his/her ambitions and skills, he/she will really be of great importance in the new position.

    I recommend him/her as a (position he/she is to be promoted to) on the basis of his/her annual performance to fill this job position.

    Yours Sincerely,
    John Doe
    Senior Manager

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