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Recommendation Letter From Employer

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    Letter of recommendation is very important when want to prove to a potential employer that they have skills and experience required for a particular job post. Some employers may also request that a candidate present the letter during an interview.


    Make your identity clear by disclosing personal details. These include contact information and name. It is also important that you always have the reason why you are writing the letter in mind. You can also give a brief explanation why you would like the addressee to consider a job applicant.


    In this section of the letter give a description of the employee. Give an evaluation of their achievements. You can also give details of their performance.

    Your observations

    At this stage, give the reader a reason that will make them believe that you recommend the person for employment. Show them how by employing them they will benefit.

    Give suggestions

    Here, you need to give the reader an explanation of what can be done to improve performance of the person. This should have the support of their previous performance

    Sample Letter Of Recommendation From An Employer

    March 13, 2012

    Kevin Martin
    Morgan Outsourcing Ltd.
    ADV Morgan Co.
    2072 Keynote Street
    48573, Reedville

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am (your name and position you hold in the company). I employed (name of the person) four years ago as a (the position the person held in your company).

    Although she joined the company without much experience, (name of the person) was eager to learn. Over the years she has shown determination and hard work in the company improving her competence. This has seen her rise up various departments in the company.

    Under conducive environment (name of the person) can be very productive. I highly recommend (the person) for employment in your company. (The person) is diligent, quick to learn and always result oriented. Hiring (the person) will bring your company significant benefits.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Kevin Martin
    Human Resource Manager

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