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Recommendation Letter From A Teacher

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    This letter is written by a teacher as a recommendation for a job or entry to another learning institution. It is normally divided into various sections as explained bellow.


    This is aimed at introducing the student and give general over view of the student.

    The nature of the student

    Here you want to give the development trends of the student and how he or she as coped at the institution.

    The overall achievements of the student

    You tell the reader how the student has risen to be a successful student and an achievers or other things about the same student that the reader should know.

    Give your recommendation

    Tell the reader why the student should be given a chance in the new institution.

    Here is a sample of a recommendation letter from a teacher.

    Example Of Recommendation Letter From A Teacher

    Attn: Michael Jones

    Re: Tom Philips

    Dear Mr. Jones,

    I am writing this recommendation letter for my student Tom Philips who is seeking admission in St. Mary Medical Center as a volunteer starting this spring. I have known Tom for three years of which he has been my student at Middle Town Senior School. I taught him chemistry and Biology where he earned good grades in both my classes.

    I am confident that he has excellent strengths to offer your institution. He has a heart of helping others. This year he successfully led his class in fundraising for the less fortunate children in Africa.

    I will highly recommend Tom Philips to work in your institution. With his commitment to hard work, success and helping others, Tom will be an asset in your institution and is sure to add value to you. If you need more information please call me on 465-28222 or email at mark@yahoo.com any time.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Mark Garry
    Middle Town Senior School

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