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Recommendation Letter For Green Card

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    A recommendation letter for green card is a special type of letter for a person who wants to acquire status in a new state or community. It is a requirement in many countries that you should provide a recommendation letter in order to apply for a green card and to avoid brushing shoulders with relevant immigration authorities.

    This letter recommends a person to be accepted in a new community over a specific period of time say, months or years. With the letter, it will be easier for a foreigner to get a green card that will allow him or her to get a job and lead a comfortable life in his or her new community.

    Recommendation letter for green card is supportive to an application of a green card. Different countries have different immigration rules and when writing the letter, it is essential to understand all requirements.

    It can be a supportive letter for permanent or temporary residency in USA, Canada and the UK among other countries. The letter is also specific and positive.

    This is because many states will often accept a person with a good integrity and proven record say in employment. Therefore, when writing the letter, ensure to provide factual and positive details.

    Example Of Recommendation Letter For Green Card

    Jean Brown
    Mayor Indiana
    45555 Real Garden
    Waterloo, IA703

    Mr. Louise C. Law
    Embassy for Foreign Affairs
    45555 Real Garden
    Waterloo, IA703

    Ref: Recommendation letter for green card of Celine Duke

    Dear Mr. Louise C. Law,

    I am writing on behalf of Celine Duke. She is a highly respected member of my state and a senior business woman who has made great achievements. This is to recommend issuance of a green card to Miss Celine to enable her travel to different parts of Europe.

    She will be in Europe for a period of one year. Please consider this application because she is a dedicated business woman who has done great things for her people.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Jean Brown

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