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Resignation Letter For Nurse

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    As a nurse, it is professionally correct to write your resignation stating the reason behind it. Nursing is a career and it is important that you leave a good relationship with your employer.

    One is usually prompted to resign due to various reasons which include a new job opening or harassment. It is therefore important that this letter is drafted professionally considering nursing as a profession.

    Be precise when stating your reason for resignation and if possible, share your new job offer to the other employer.

    It is also important that you state your date when you are leaving the organization and make your current employer know that you appreciate the time spent in the organization.

    Sample Resignation Letter For Nurse

    Lindsey Hamilton
    45/73 New York Park
    New York

    16th April 2012

    The Management,
    New York Nursing Hospital
    57/28 Hollywood Avenue
    New York

    Dear Dr. Mathew Sean,

    I am writing to you to confirm my resignation from New York Nursing Hospital as a nurse effective 16th April 2012. I am offering two weeks notice about my decision and this will be suitable for you to be able to find a better replacement by the time I leave New York Nursing Hospital.

    My resignation was finalized after making all available considerations and taking all factors into account particularly with regards to my plans for the future.

    I feel the change will be of great benefit and value to my long-term career goals. I am sure that this new position represents a positive move toward fulfilling my career goals in the nursing profession.

    I assure you that I will complete any of my duties before my departure. The transition will be done professionally to make sure no setbacks are made in the course of the transition. I wish success for New York Nursing Hospital as it works towards better health for all as its mission.

    Yours Sincerely,

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