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Resignation Letter For Teacher

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    Looking for resignation letter for teacher? A teacher is employed by a board of education and under any of this authority there are employee guidelines that are followed and if any of these is broken, then the teacher may feel aggrieved.

    If there is a breach of contract and efforts to resolve this bear no fruit, then the teacher may resign. The teacher may also write a resignation letter if they need to pursue other interests and they feel that they may not perform as expected if they continue working for their current employer.

    This will secure their terminal dues as they will not be dismissed for disserting their workstation or absconding work. As a teacher, your resignation letter should be straight to the point and should use professional and polite language.

    You should clearly state the reasons for your resignation and not leave room for doubt and speculation. If the reason for wanting to terminate your services is contentious be honest and tell how it has affected you.

    If there have been previous communication between yourself and the administration on the issue, mention the dates and if possible attach copies.

    Sample Resignation Letter For Teacher

    Jason Phillips
    345 Yale Street,

    16th April 2012

    The Director
    County Teachers’ Commission,
    245 Northwood Avenue,

    Dear Sir,

    It is with great distress that I write to you to express my intention to resign from the institution. I have been in constant communication with your office in regards to my request for a transfer.

    I have severally stated my desire to be transferred to a less hostile location or get a reasonable compensation to cope with the hardships of housing, transportation and remoteness.

    Please refer to the application letters written to you in August and December 2011, and January and March 2012.

    You are well aware that all this issues are legally accounted for in the commission’s constitution and in the contract that I signed upon employment and yet my pleas and demands were never considered. I have been left with no choice but resort to this extreme decision.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Jason Phillips

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