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How To Write Acceptance Letter For Job Offer

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    It is normal for one to get excited over a job offer especially after looking for it for a long time and making phone calls to confirm acceptance. However, many forget to write an acceptance letter for a job offer.

    This is a very important letter to your new employer. It is essential because it states that you fully understand the terms and conditions of the employment. When writing the letter, it is imperative to be professional bearing in mind that an acceptance letter speaks volumes about your character.

    Be honest and state that you fully understand all terms of employment. Additionally, demonstrate your commitment to your new employer. The letter should create a positive first impression in every aspect.

    Therefore, take time to choose your words well and draft a letter that will enhance good relations between you and your employer. Address your employer and check the letter for any types of errors. Ensure it is straight forward and defines your personality.

    Similarly, the letter should convince your employer that he or she made the right choice by offering an opportunity for you in the organization.

    Sample Acceptance Letter for Job Offer

    Brian Brown
    12 Shawnee Road
    Short Hills, NJ O0990

    29th March 2012

    Mrs. Walter Green
    Greenly Corporation Inclinations
    New York, NY

    Dear Mrs. Walter,

    Thank you for offering me a position as a public relations officer in your organization. I am glad to accept this offer and am looking forward to be part of your team starting April 2nd, 2012.

    I have gone through all terms of employment and as we agreed, my starting salary will be $2000. Health cover will provided after two months of employment.

    Thank you once again for offering this exceptional opportunity and I strongly believe I will make positive contributions to the organization. If there is any issue that needs further clarification, kindly let me know and we will sort it out within the shortest time possible.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Brian Brown

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