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Acceptance Letter For Scholarship

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    Scholarships are of great benefit to students who need to pursue their studies and are not financially stable. Sponsors offer to support students based on their eligibility for a scholarship program.

    An acceptance letter for scholarship is a very important letter to congratulate a student and to encourage him or her to reach for greater heights in his or her field of study.

    It is a special way to show how much the scholarship help students to achieve their goals. When writing the letter, it is essential to be polite, honest and encouraging.

    It is additionally important to be professional in your writing. Ensure the letter is free of typo errors, spelling and grammar errors. The letter should be professional and remind the student that he or she has been awarded scholarship because he or she deserves it.

    It should contain terms that cover the scholarship such as validity date and what the student is expected to do from the scholarship.

    Sample Acceptance Letter For Scholarship

    Dixit Lance
    American International College
    678, Nugget Lane
    Remington, UK980

    29th March 2012

    James Duke
    Texas State University
    20003 W. University Lane
    Muncie, In 09988

    Dear Sir,

    RE: Scholarship Acceptance

    I am writing this to confirm your scholarship application in federal scholarship program 2012-2013. You have been awarded the scholarship to pursue your studies based on your competence and scholarship eligibility.

    The validity of this program will however, depend on how you perform in 2012-2013. All students who benefit from the program are expected to deliver the best results and get a chance to complete their studies without straining financially.

    I am pleased by your academic credentials and hope that you will reach for greater heights. I hereby attach a list of required certificates and information that you will submit to the university within a month.

    In case of any issue that needs to be clarified, kindly contact me for assistance. Once again, congratulations.

    Yours Sincerely,
    James Duke

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