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Apology Letter For Delay In Delivery

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    Looking for apology letter for delay in delivery? Imagine you have an order to deliver a consignment within a stipulated time but fail to beat the deadline. Your clients are bound to incur heavy losses and lose out on customer confidence to their competitors.

    Unless you write an apology letter for delay in delivery of goods or services, you are much more likely to face a court action and lose out on sales.

    When writing an apology letter for delay in delivery, it should have a professional tone while offering solutions to the problem than narrating root causes. Your clients are much more focused on averting loss of market to competitors and how to send numerous apologies to their clients.

    Nevertheless, if your clients are the end users, the letter should have a friendly tone with a request to forgive and allow late delivery. Outline the various ways through which you can help settle the problem without resorting to courts of law.

    Conclude by promising a free offer or a discount as a way of enhancing consumer confidence. Below is a sample for an apology letter for delay in delivery written by a shipping company to an importer in New York:

    Example Of Apology Letter For Late Delivery

    (Shipping company name)
    (Sipping company address)


    (Affected company representative)
    (Affected company address)

    Dear Sir/Madam,


    As you are aware, our shipping company was supposed to have delivered your consignment two weeks ago. However due to increase piracy on the Indian Ocean, we took a much longer Sea route than our usual sailing route. This was the only option to save your cargo from being hijacked by bandits.

    Nevertheless, our shipping line has decided to offer your company a 25% in shipping fess discount on the next consignment.

    Thanks to International forces manning the East African Sea route, we have beefed up security operations and will be able to deliver goods in time, as stipulated in the shipping agreement.

    We pray that you receive our apologies and promise to work towards rebuilding the affected customer base.

    Yours Faithfully,
    Samuel George

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