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Sample Appeal Letter For College Admission

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    When you apply for college admission, you may have your application rejected. The reason for the rejection may not be convincing to you. In that case, you can use appeal letter for college admission to express your feelings to the concerned authorities.

    Start by introducing yourself to the reader. Let them know who you are. Give them your contact details and your full name. Tell the reader why you are writing this letter to them.

    At this stage, you give your reader details of the hardship you have endured trying to secure a college admission. Let them see why this admission is important to you.

    Tell the reader what you intend to do once you secure the admission. Let your plans be convincing enough so that they can be moved to granting you the admission.

    In the last section, give suggestions of what you think can be done to reverse the decision. Let the reader see that you are not trying to show them they were wrong in making their decision.

    Example Of Appeal Letter For College Admission

    Bob Dickson
    6745, River Road
    New York

    5th April 2012

    Veronica Johnson
    234, Martin Luther Street
    New York

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Ref: Appeal For College Admission

    My name is Bob Dickson. I am writing to appeal for college admission following the rejection that was sent to me. Although my marks may not have been the highest, I was above average.

    I am also certain that the exam I sat for recently will give me higher results. This is because I was ill while doing the exam whose marks you considered. I have gone through a lot of challenges trying to secure college admission without success.

    I hereby request that you review your decision and kindly grant me the admission. I have attached documents that will prove that I am capable of better performance.

    I am looking forward to studying in your college and I promise to do my best once admitted. I am a determined person and I can assure you the best once you grant me the admission.

    Thank you in advance.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Bob Dickson

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