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Appeal Letter For Financial Aid

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    A financial aid appeal letter is a very important letter when you are strained financially and wish to pursue your studies or a project that needs money. This is an official letter to your sponsor seeking a second chance to get access to financial aid based on a number of factors.

    There are many reasons about why you may need a second chance including death of parents, guardian, failure to receive satisfactory results in academics say, failing in a quarter among other unforeseen reasons.

    When planning to appeal for a financial aid, it is essential to be professional in your writing. Choose your words wisely when addressing a financial aid office. It is also very important to be polite, honest and straight forward in your writing to convince financial aid panel/committee to offer a second chance.

    Learn what the committee is always looking for especially if you are in your earlier years to enhance chances of writing an effective letter.

    More importantly, convince the committee with truthful information and provide testimonials if any. Additionally, be short and clear in your writing to enhance professionalism.

    Sample Appeal Letter for Financial Aid

    Viola Dukes
    89784, Kimberly Street

    Att: Financial Aid Appeal Committee
    Institute of Fine Arts
    87665, Kimberly Lane

    Dear Financial Aid Appeal Committee,

    RE: Appeal for financial aid

    I fully appreciate your generous financial aid I received last year. However, my family’s financial status has drastically changed following a divorce of my parents. My parents are still trying to settle financial issues at the court.

    At the moment, my mum cannot afford to pay for my new semester fees. It is a hard time for her as she tries to settle all bills. My dad was the sole bread-winner hence, the financial problems we are witnessing at the moment.

    I love to study and have always been a competent student. Kindly consider my request to enable me to continue with my studies. I am looking forward for a positive response.

    Thanks in advance.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Viola Dukes

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