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Appeal Letter For Rejected Application

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    Looking for how to write an appeal letter for rejected application? People submit applications for various reasons and some applications may be rejected. For instance, your application for a visa has been rejected by the immigrations department. If that is the case, you have the right to make an appeal.

    However, when making appeal for rejection of application, you are not allowed to use any additional documents apart from the ones provided during the application in the argument. This is how you can write an appeal letter for rejected application.


    Start writing the letter by giving your personal details and contacts. Also include the reason about why you feel that the rejection is not in order. In case the rejection for a visa application was as a result of failure of the immigration officials to check all you documents or any other paperwork, you need to state that.

    Give the reader more details about the rejection of your application. For instance, you can also include the fact that according to the letter that you received notifying you of the rejection, the immigration officials never looked at all your bank statements and the reason why the application was rejected.


    Give the reader a reason to believe that the rejection was only due to a slight mistake by the immigration officials and that once it is corrected, things will be alright.


    Explain to the reader what you think should be done to ensure that the rejection does not take effect. You can suggest that the immigration officials conduct a re-check on your documents so that you are awarded the visa.

    Sample Appeal Letter For Rejected Application

    April 5th, 2012

    Jack Bauer
    Oakland Immigrations Department
    876 River Road
    Oakland, ME 65321

    RE: Johnny Deep
    346 River Road
    Oakland, ME 65432

    Dear Mr. Bauer,

    Please accept my appeal letter for rejected application of visa. I travel a lot for business across the continent and the rejection would potentially ruin my business operations.

    I have travel out of the country three times every month and have always obtained visas from the Oakland Immigration Department for six years now without any problems.

    According to the rejection letter that I was presented with, the immigration officials failed to look at all my recent bank statements as indicated. They only considered one while there were three attached to the application letter.

    I am certain that if you kindly conduct a re-check, you will confirm where the problem arose. I hereby suggest that you kindly look at all the bank statements again so that I could be able to obtain the visa.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Johnny Deep

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