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Bank Account Opening Letter Format

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    Looking for format of a bank account opening letter? Many individual and small business owners will be in need of opening a bank account for managing their financial position. Individuals will be required to open a savings or a checking account and the business owner need to open a current account.

    The bank account opening process actually starts with the requester framing a bank account opening letter and handing it over in person or mailing it to the bank. There are quite a few online sources available containing the sample bank account opening letter format and other bank related letter formats.

    An individual might need to open an account so that the organization in which he/she is currently working can credit their monthly salary. As this letter is for an official purpose, the initial sections of the letter should contain the “From” and “To” sections. In the “From” section, the individual should provide their name, expanded in full, including first name, middle name and last name and the complete address detail of the individual.

    “To” section should contain the senior most designation that is available in that branch. This designation could be a senior manager or a Branch manager or something similar to that designation. The next section will be the subject of the letter. This should be indicated by the abbreviated word Sub followed by a colon, “Sub:”. The subject should contain the objective of this letter. It should convey in crisp terms that you are intending to open a bank account with this particular bank.

    After the subject, the body of the letter should start according to the bank account opening letter format. The first line should be the salutation and one could use “Dear Sir/Madam” or “Respected Sir/Madam”. If you know that the person is male or a female beforehand then you can put explicitly Sir or Madam. In The first line of the letter body you should introduce yourself and the area where you are residing and it’s exact location details and for how many years you have been residing there.

    You should also provide a reference name of a person, who is already an account holder with the bank. You could also carry a recommendation letter given by that account holder. You should then mention the “Purpose” for which you are opening the account. And finally you have to thank the person by putting “Thank you” and then add your signature.

    Sample Bank Account Opening Letter

    Mr. Peter Welch,
    White Hart Lane,
    Totenham – 22301.


    The Manager,
    (Bank Name)
    (Branch Name)
    (Bank Street Address)
    (City, State, Zip Code)

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Sub: Opening of new savings bank account.

    I am Peter Welch and I would like to request a new savings bank account under this branch. Currently I am working for (company name) as (position title).

    I have enclosed the introduction letter from my employer together with my passport size photo for the new savings bank account application submission.

    Appreciate your help in the opening my new savings bank account and do not hesitate to contact me at 012-34567890 if you require any additional details.

    Thank you.

    Yours Faithfully,

    Peter Welch

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