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Business Proposal Letter

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    Writing a business proposal letter is more commonly associated with business and you need to use effective persuasion techniques that will turn your proposal into profit generator.

    Research on your potential client in terms on financial status and their mission statement before you start to write any proposal letter.

    Understand what they need in terms of business and what is the solution you can offer to them which they can’t refuse.

    Simplified business proposal letters are often appropriate in most of the situations. The client will not accept it if the proposal letter sounds complicated and too much work, regardless of how lucrative they are.

    A written business proposal letter should be on high quality printed paper and professional design company letterhead.

    Example Of Business Proposal Letter

    Dear (Client Name),

    How would you like to cut your IT operation costs by more than 30 percent per month? Allow us to show you the cost saving process which will take your few minutes time.

    Each business wants to generate substantial saving via technology implementation such as virtualization, cloud computing, server consolidation and many more.

    We will review and analyze every single of your current system and provide a comprehensive report on whether they can adopt any of these cost saving technology.

    The enclosed proposal outlines the details of what we’ll do and how successful we’ve been at doing this for other businesses listed as Fortune 500 company.

    We guarantee you’ll save no less than 10 percent per year savings as a result of our proposed idea.

    I look forward to hear from you after review our proposal.



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