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Sample Business Thank You Letter

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    Looking for sample plus right words to write business thank you letter? You can learn how to write by referring to a professionally written example in the right format.

    Business thank you letter not only makes the recipient feel appreciated but it also creates a lasting impression of one company’s branding.

    Writing a business thank you letter is a great opportunity to show you personally care about your customers and you can use the standard business style letter as guidelines to format business thank you letter.

    It’s important to keep your business thank you letter as simple, brief and focused as possible for fast and easy understanding.

    Do a proofread and eliminate grammar and spelling errors in your business thank you letter.

    Business Thank You Letter Format

    (Print Business Thank You Letter In Corporate Letterhead)

    (Sender Name)
    (Sender Title/Position)
    (Sender Organization Name)
    (Sender Street Address)
    (City, State, Zip Code)


    (Customer Name)
    (Customer Title/Position)
    (Customer Organization Name)
    (Customer Street Address)
    (City, State, Zip Code)

    Dear (Customer Name),

    Please accept our sincere thanks and gratitude for your recent purchase with us. It was truly our pleasure to serve you.

    We are sure our association will go in a long way to help each other.

    We would like to convey our sincere thanks to your entire organization. We look forward to serving you again in the future.

    Please contact us at 012-3456789 if we can be of further service.


    (Position Title)

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