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Candidate Rejection Letter From Employer

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    Looking on how to write a letter from employer to job applicants when there’s no job opening in the company? This candidate rejection letter will give an answer to an unsolicited employment inquiry when the job-seeker appears to be qualified for the jobs but there’s no opening available.

    This kind of letter answering a job-seeker should always start with the opening of express of gratitude for the candidate who seek interest of your company.

    You need to write the letter in clear and concise statement by informing him there’s no current job opening available in your company.

    Promise but with no guarantee to keep the job application in view in case there’s any job opening in the future.

    Sample Candidate Rejection Letter


    Dear (Candidate Name),

    Your letter of inquiry about employment opportunity in our company was forwarded by the Human Resource department because of your interest in (position name). We would like to thank you for your decision to pursuit your career with (company name).

    At this time, all the seat for (position name) are filled and we foresee there’s no opening for this position until the global economy bounce back to encourage hiring.

    I will request Human Resource department to keep your application in record since you are fully qualified for this position.

    We wish you every personal and professional success with your job search and in the future.

    Thank you for your interest in our company.



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