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Closure Of Bank Account Letter Format

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    This closure of bank account letter format is to give you the various basics of writing the letter properly and in the right way.

    At this present age and time, most folks have bank accounts. It is however important to note that there comes a time when some folks forced by some circumstances or willingly decide to close their bank account.

    Before closing any bank account, you may be required to write a letter of closure to your bank to request for your bank account to be closed.

    Remember to proofread and eliminate grammar and spelling errors in the end of bank account closing letter writing.

    Example Of Bank Account Closing Letter

    Victor Smart,
    System Analysts,
    Comtec Network Limited,
    1140- Thatcher Lane Drive,

    21st of January 2012.

    Allan Gerald,
    Manager, Stan Chart Bank,

    Dear Allan,

    RE: Closure of my bank account.

    I hereby refer you to the above subject. I have a savings account at your bank, which I have held for the past 10 years. For the 10 years that I have had an account with your bank, I have received unrivaled banking services from your staff.

    I have however reached a stage in which I need you to close my savings account 022-584-222 that I had with your bank. Please note that this has got nothing to do with the services which your bank has offered, you are no doubt one of the best bank around.

    Kindly, prepare a money order of $5000 in the amount of my outstanding balance and inform me of when to collect it.

    Please find enclosed a copy of my marriage certificate and identification card as required for your bank for the closing process.

    In case you have any queries about this request, kindly inform me by either calling my cell phone or writing to the address provided below.

    (Mention your phone number and address here)

    Thank you for your prompt assistance in this matter. I am looking forward to reading and working you.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Victor Smart

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