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Consent Letter For Travel

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    Looking for consent letter for travel? This letter is a legal requirement for parents or guardians traveling with children and it is often required in most countries.

    This letter grants the permission for the child to go for the trip and if the parents of the child are divorced, then the parent who is not traveling is required to give consent to the parent traveling with the child in form of writing.

    For those traveling with minors, they must produce birth certificates, passports, citizenship cards and also the contacts of the parents for the child or their guardians. Always remember that this is a legal travel document.

    Here is the correct format to follow. When writing this type of letter, please include:
    1. Name of the parent giving consent for the travel
    2. Name of the child traveling
    3. Name of the person traveling with the child
    4. County the child is traveling from and to
    5. Dates the travel is authorized
    6. Signature of the parent consenting to the Child’s travel and date
    7. Full names of the parent consenting
    8. Home address of the parent
    9, The documents must contain the Notary seal for it to be approved

    Sample Consent Letter For Travel

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I, Marry Wenger of Texas USA (phone) 543- 54637 declare that

    1. THAT I am the legal parent of the minor (s): Tommy Ted born the 20 day of June 2007,

    2. THAT my named child is traveling with my full consent to Canada with his father, Fred Michael, who will be responsible for our child.

    3. THAT the dates for travel are from the 12 day of May 2012 to 10 day of July 2012.

    4. THAT I induce the government of Canada to allow my child to enter into their country

    SWORN BEFORE me at Notary Public in the USA

    Date………………………………….. Signature………………………….

    A Notary Public
    Texas USA
    Permanent Commission

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