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Consent Letter From Parents

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    When traveling abroad, children are required to carry with them a consent letter from parents. This letter seeks to show that the child has permission to travel from every person who has a legal right to make key decisions on their behalf, in the cases that such persons are not accompanying them for that given trip.

    The children who are required to have such a letter include those that are traveling alone, those traveling with one custodial parent or some who are traveling with a group. The primary purpose for this brief letter can therefore be summed up as one that helps facilitate the travel of children while still eliminating the chances of wrongful removal to other foreign countries.

    The letters are mostly availed in a form that one is expected to fill in some details. This kind of letter can be obtained from persons who have parental authority, custodial as well as guardianship rights.

    The requirements of such a letter are entirely dependent on each state. Some may require a certified letter that is stamped by officials who have the mandate of administering oaths or declarations. This is aimed to ensure that the validity of the letter is not questioned.

    In the letter, one should make sure that they have identified their names as the guardians of the child who is traveling. They should also give the full names of the child as well as the names of the people who are accompanying them for the trip.

    The letter should also have the tentative dates for travel as well as the dates that the child or children are expected to return.  It should then be signed off with the parent’s/custodians/ guardian’s signature, their contact addresses as well as their phone numbers.

    Sample Consent Letter From Parents

    11th March, 2012

    We, Mr. and Mrs. James Wright, authorize our child, Kelly Junior to travel to the United States of America to visit friends on 12th March 2012 aboard KQ 540 with Mr. and Mrs. John Doe.

    They will all be coming home on 19th March 2012. Thank you.

    Signed by: Mr. and Mrs. James Wright
    Address: 2099A, Happy Garden, Canada

    Telephone/Contact: +257 7456 3566

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