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Letter Of Consent For Medical Treatment

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    A letter of consent for medical treatment seeks to inform the head of a particular institution of an underlying medical condition of an individual as well as ask them to give them permission for a break to be able to seek treatment.

    It gives some much-needed information on the tentative dates that the applicants are planning to have the medical treatment and the duration. Such institutions could be workplaces or schools. As it is the case with other formal letters, this one too has some few rules that should be considered at all times. Here are a few rules to help you write the best letter without wasting too much time on it.

    First and foremost, one needs to make sure that they have the addresses and the names of the people that the letter is being addressed. Secondly, the date of the application should be included and right after this date, the subject should closely follow. The subject should be an overview of all that the letter pertains. It should therefore be arrived at after some careful considerations. It should be made simple and straight to the point.

    After the introduction comes the main body. When writing a letter of consent for medical treatment, one should see to it that the body is divided into three. These three parts should be the introduction, the main part and finally the conclusion. One should not forget to thank the person the letter is addressed to.

    To end the letter, it should then be signed off with the applicants’ signature and one should not forget to use polite terms such as yours sincerely and the like. Here is a sample of a letter of consent for medical treatment.

    Sample Letter Of Consent For Medical Treatment

    Mr. Michael Joseph
    Woodlands High School
    0050-34588, Woodlands

    12th March 2012

    Dear Sir,

    Subject: Application for leave of consent to undergo medical treatment

    I am a student in the second year in your school. A week ago I was diagnosed with a kidney problem and as my doctor advised, it needs instant treatment lest it will get complicated.

    I am scheduled for an operation on 23rd March this year in India. As a result, I have been advised to take some bed rest till then. Due to this, I will be unable to attend classes for the next two months.

    I will highly appreciate if you grant me this leave. I am looking forward to your most favorable attention. Thank you.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Steven Martins

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