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Demotion Letter To Employee

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    A demotion letter to employee serves to communicate formally to an employee that they have been demoted. It can be written by an HR professional or manager of a company. The letter entails information about the move and possible consequences.

    Start by disclosing your personal information. Let the reader know who you are. You can also give a brief explanation of why you are writing to the reader. Give the employee an explanation of the hardship you have endured trying to work with them in their capacity.

    It may also be due to their reluctant nature or something that is not acceptable in the company. Let them see that the move to demote them is genuine.

    Also inform the employee about the plans you have in place. These plans should be aimed at ending or solving the hardship. It should be clear that they are aimed at making things work better for the company.

    Give your opinion on what you think can be done to make their performance better. This should be based on their past performance.

    Sample Of Demotion Letter To Employee

    11th April 2012

    HR Manager,
    Global Marketers,
    12th Street,
    986 River Road,
    New York

    Mr. Collins
    Junior Marketing Officer,
    Global Marketers,
    New York

    Dear Collins,

    Ref: Demotion notification

    My name is (your name and position in the company). I am writing to inform you that following the company review of its employee, the management felt that you should be demoted to a different position. This is because (give reasons for demotion)

    The move was considered properly by the management to ensure that it does not conflict the interest of the company and those of the employees.

    This move is aimed at improving the overall performance of the company. I hope you are not offended by the company’s decision and that you will continue serving it under your new position.

    For more information about your new position, I suggest you to contact Human Resource office.

    Yours Sincerely,
    (Name and signature)

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