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How To Write A Dismissal Letter To Employee

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    There is many reasons why you may want to dismiss an employee. This can be misconduct, negligence and poor performance among other reasons. However, dismissing an employee may not be easy as it sounds. This is a procedure that should be done in a professional and legal way.

    You should therefore write a dismissal letter to employee. This is a formal letter informing an employee that he or she will no longer be part of the company’s staff as of stated date. Therefore, when writing the letter it is essential to learn of employment law that protects your employees.

    Be honest and factual in your writing. Your letter should be straight to the point as you state reasons for dismissal of an employee. Be professional in your writing and provide evidence of say, an employee’s misconduct.

    Specify dates when an incident occurred if there is any and any warning letters that you may have issued in the past. Mention all reasons in detail and how they clash with company policies to make your dismissal letter more effective.

    More importantly, learn to be honest, factual, and professional. Avoid prejudice in your writing to avoid possible legal problems.

    Example Of Dismissal Letter To Employee

    Godwin Brown
    Human Resource Manager
    Wisdom Publishers
    321 White Hart Lane

    17th April 2012

    Jackson Grey
    767 Queens Street

    Re: Dismissal for misconduct

    Dear Sir,

    I am writing to inform you that the company has reached a decision to terminate your contract with Wisdom Publishers. The company has observed your conduct for the past 3 months and we are not pleased. You have come to work late and you fail to beat deadlines.

    The company issued several warnings in January and in March 2012. However, there were no improvements and failure to beat deadlines as sales personnel costs the company a lot of money.

    Your performance is affecting sales department and the organization at large. It is unfortunate but it’s the best decision for the company. Your dismissal is effective 16th April 2012 and you will be given a final paycheck on the same day.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Godwin Brown

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