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How To Write An Acceptance Letter For University

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    Acceptance letter for university is an important aspect in most learning institutions. This is formal letter that conveys to a student that his application for admission has been accepted.

    When writing the letter, it is imperative to be formal and professional. More importantly, it is essential to be positive and start by congratulating the student. Therefore, choose your words wisely and begin on a congratulatory note.

    This is because the letter welcomes a student to his or her new learning environment. The letter should provide details as well any formalities that a student should be aware of before joining the university.

    The letter should also tell a student how his or her academic background has enhanced chances of getting admission at the institution. More importantly, keep it simple, professional and friendly.

    Ensure to use polite and soft tone to prepare and welcome the student to an environment that is good for studies.

    Example Of Acceptance Letter For University

    Robin Green
    4300 Lemmon Lane
    Dallas, TX,
    United States

    29th March, 2012

    Ben Morrison
    Secretary, Admission Committee
    Texas University
    100 BVC
    Newport Beach, CA
    United States

    Dear Robin,

    I am writing on behalf of Texas University to congratulate you on your admission to the institution. You are one of the students who have been selected for admission for a course in arts for the fall semester 2012.

    I am convinced that your academic profile speaks volumes about your interest in arts, commitment and dedication in the field. We are confident that you will deliver the best to reach for greater heights in your studies and in your career.

    I have attached an enrollment form with the letter for your campus residence. The form should be submitted to the university as soon as you report for fall semester. You will be contacted by a student adviser before then, to ensure a smooth admission process.

    Once again, congratulations for your admission.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Ben Morrison

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