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How To Write An Employee Disciplinary Action Letter

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    Looking for employee disciplinary action letter? Every employer has been faced by a situation where some employees don’t take work seriously hence end up giving poor performance. Some portray bad behaviors such as coming to work when excessively drunk, while others harass other colleagues at the work place. Even with warning letters, some of these employees do nothing at all to correct the situation.

    If you are faced with such a situation, its time you sent them an employee disciplinary action letter. This letter should never come as a surprise to the employee. The header of the letter should be the employer’s details and the addresses.

    This should be followed by the date and the names and addresses of the employee. The body should include the reason for the action. The employer should hence clearly state and inform the employee the source of dissatisfaction.

    Behaviors that were spotted should be clearly stated and if a warning letter was sent, one should clearly identify the date and the serial numbers for that letter. The letter should be formal and should be polite all through. Though the employee is on the wrong, one should try to be as courteous as possible.

    Being rude only makes the situation worse; furthermore, it takes down the professional and ethical standards of the given company. Here is a sample of employee disciplinary action letter.

    Sample Employee Disciplinary Action Letter

    The Human Resource Manager
    Blueberry Limited

    12th June 2012

    Mr. James Wright

    Dear James,

    Re: Release From Duty

    It has been observed by the management that you have reported to work late and excessively drunk. A letter dated 10th May, reference number 457/233 was sent to you regarding asking you to change this behaviors.

    However, you have not made any positive changes and your performance has gone down repeatedly. This is affecting the productivity of the company hence inconveniencing us a great deal.

    As per the clause 45/2334 on the employment contract, an employee is expected to report to work on time. Drinking in the premises is also prohibited. You have repeatedly violated this agreement and it is by all due respect that I am regret to inform you that the management wishes to relieve you from your duties with an effect from July till further notice. Thank you.

    From: Human Resource Manager

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