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Job Promotion Request Letter

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    Looking on how to write a job promotion request letter to offer your appreciation about his or her success and achievement in career? In another side, promotion letter can be a request that points out your qualifications, experience and eagerness for a career advancement.

    The job promotion request letter should include strong justification on why you should be given a career advancement.

    You have to get the timing right when requesting for promotion. It’s not a good idea to request for a promotion if your company is on downsizing or pay cut at the moment.

    You can kick off the job promotion request letter by telling your employer that you have enjoyed your career with the company and would like to seek for new challenge.

    Emphasize on number of year experience in current job and your most vital contributions to the company which will help in the promotion request. Remember to use a formal letter style such as block or semi-block format in your job promotion request letter.

    Promotion Request Letter Format

    Dear (Manager),

    In the past 5 years, I am happy to work and contribute to (company name) growth under your management.

    I’m confident that you will agree that my efforts as (current position title) have been successful to (company name).

    (Describe your performance value in terms of dollar to your manager. Example: – my initiatives for the cost cutting in past year help to save the operation cost of $200,000 per year)

    Given the above listed effort and contribution, I would respectfully request that in addition to the increase of cost of living and also be considered for a merit raise commensurate with my job performance.

    In closing, I want you to know that I truly enjoy my work at the (company name), and trust that you can appreciate the basis on which I am making this request.

    After you have had a chance to review this letter, I would welcome the opportunity to discuss this matter with you in details.



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