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Job Reference Check Letter

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    Job reference check letter is used to request information from an applicant’s or candidate’s former employee to gain more understanding on the character, skill and experience.

    A reference check is also when an employer contacts schools or colleges to learn more about his or her job history or educational qualifications.

    You can start the letter by giving the previous employers know the applicant’s name and the position he or she is applying for.

    Bear in mind that previous employers have the right not to give out any information than starting and ending dates of employment and salary information.

    You can request the information about the specific work skills and characteristic on the job applicants with a deadline set for reply.

    Sample Reference Check Letter

    Dear (Previous Employer Name),

    We recently received an application from (Candidate Name) for the position of (Position Name) in (Company Name). We understand he was previously employed by your company based on the details on the cover letter.

    We would appreciate if you can share with us the information of (Candidate Name) work habit and attitude during his tenure in your company.

    We look forward for your reply and appreciate if you could feedback to us by (Date).

    Please advise us if the information you provide is classified or confidential.

    Thank you for your prompt attention to our request.



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