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Mortgage Hardship Letter Format

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    When requesting for a loan modification, the borrower is expected to write a mortgage hardship letter to the lender to support this request.


    You are supposed to disclose your personal details such as name and contact information and not forgetting the reasons for writing the request.

    Also give a brief explanation why you need to modify your loan to make it pocket-friendly. You can explain that you have been making prompt payments and this shows you are a trusted borrower.

    The hardship

    At this section, you are expected to give more details about the hardship you have been going through such as loss of employment or fewer working hours.

    If such hardships are temporary, do not forget to indicate that things will be back to normal once this situation is resolved.

    Your plans

    At this stage, give the lender a reason to believe that you are trying to solve these hardships and you hope to get things back to normal very soon.

    Your suggestions

    Here, you are expected to explain what you think should be adjusted to the agreement to make it affordable to you such as reduction for your monthly installments.

    This should be supported by your income records. The following is the right mortgage hardship letter format to use in your request.

    Sample Mortgage Hardship Letter

    January 27, 2012

    David Smith
    Loss Mitigation Consultant
    ADV Mortgage Co.
    00120 Keynote Street
    Reedville 48573

    RE: (Property Address)(Account Number)

    Dear Mr. Smith,

    As attached is our application for a loan modification scheme to make it easy for us to pay our mortgage at cheaper rates. We value our home so much and we would wish to own it for long. We have a disabled son who attends a local special school for the disabled and moving out of our home is more likely to affect his well-being.

    We have been unable to pay our mortgages promptly because of unexpected financial constraints. We are working hard to improve this situation and of late we have managed to increase our working hours for better pay.

    We promise to reclaim our previous positive payment habits very soon. We have attached our financial details in this letter and we will be glad if you consider monthly payments not exceeding USD 500 from us.

    Yours Sincerely,


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