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New Employee Introduction Letter

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    The new employee introduction letter welcomes the new employee and introduces the new employee to his or her new colleague. This on behalf self introduction letter will help the new employee to close the gap with his or her new colleague in new working environment.

    The new employee introduction can be channel in internal office communication such as letter, memo or e-mail format.

    Start the new employee introduction letter with his name and position title.

    Brief on the new employee’s responsibilities and his reporting structure in the organization or company.

    Describe the new employee’s background and his past related experience at last.

    New Employee Introduction Letter Sample


    TO: Office Staff
    FROM: (Name), (Position Title)
    SUBJECT: New Employee Introduction

    Dear Staff,

    Starting next Monday, (new employee name) will be joining on board to (company name) as (position name).

    As (position name), (new employee name) will be responsible for all the (list down all the task and activity) and reports to (his/her manager name).

    (New employee name) holds a degree of (major and minor) from (university name) and has an experience of fifteen years as (ex-company position name) with (ex-company name).

    Please join me in extending a warm welcome to (new employee name) and wishing him/her success in the new opportunities and challenges ahead.


    (Position Title)

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