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Notarized Letter Of Consent To Travel

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    Notarized letter of consent to travel is a special letter that provide prove that a child has been granted permission to travel by a guardian, or lawful parents who may not be present at the time a child is traveling.

    If the parents are divorced, one of the parents can provide the letter. Many states consider a person who is below the age of 18 years as a child. Therefore, they are always required to provide notarized letter of consent to travel.

    Additionally, the letter is required if the child is traveling with one parent or grandparents may be for holiday or vacation. This letter is of great importance and serves as a legal documentation that explains that the child has permission to travel to a specific destination.

    The letter guarantees safety of the child with whoever he or she is traveling with. Therefore, when writing the letter, it is important to include details of the person whom the child is traveling with.

    The letter also provides peace of mind especially when it comes to international travels. Cases of delays and flight cancellations are greatly prevented once a child provides the letter.

    Sample Notarized Letter Of Consent To Travel

    To Whom It May Concern

    We Jane Gregory and John Gregory, lawful Canadian custodians of Brian Gregory hereby give consent to Mart Greg, Brian’s uncle to travel overseas with Brian. Brian is 14 years old and Mart is 24 years old.

    Brian Gregory Passport No –
    Mart Greg Passport No –

    We give consent to Mart Greg to care and accompany Brian for the entire vacation period in the UK.

    Name of the country – UK
    Period – 1 month
    Location –Westminster, London
    Phone – +423456747669
    Email – martgreg@yahoo.co.uk

    Should any concern arise about the letter or should medical emergency occur, please contact us at: –

    Address – (Full Address)
    Phone – +447956637669
    Email – mrgregor@yahoo.co.uk

    Identities verified and sworn before me: –

    Marline Green
    Solicitor, Notary Public
    Ontario, Canada
    March 12, 2012

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