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Recommendation Letter From Landlord

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    Looking for recommendation letter from landlord? There are number of reasons for relocating yourself from one rented house or an apartment to the other within the city or a different city.

    It may be for reducing the time in commuting to the office which shifted recently further away from your current living space. The owner of the house may require it for his personal use or for a close relative and request you to vacate by giving you sufficient notice.

    Or the building may require some repair works where in safety is concerned. When you live in a city for a considerable time, you may know some to certain extent and they can help in your fresh hunt for a house or a flat.

    But what will be a powerful tool in your hand that will make thing easy for you is a recommendation letter from landlord where you live currently.

    A tenant liked by landlord is more likely to get an accommodation in any city. When your relationship with your landlord is a cordial one it is easy to get a letter like one below for your benefit.

    Sample Recommendation Letter From Landlord


    (Address 1)
    (Address 2)
    (Phone Number)

    To Whom It May Concern,

    This is to introduce Mr. (name) working with (company name) as (designation) who was my tenant for (number) years. During his stay in my property he was very punctual in giving the monthly rent and our relationship was very cordial. Till date I have not faced any unpleasant situation between us.

    He is vacating from my house for better commuting facility necessitated due to the relocation of his office to (area). I strongly recommend that Mr. (name) as a good citizen and can be taken in as a tenant. I am sure that he will not create any unpleasant situation that makes a strain in tenant-landlord relationship.

    Please feel free to call me in the telephone number between (start time) and (end time) hours so that I can further authenticate this recommendation letter, if you desire to do so.

    Yours Faithfully,


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