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Sample Reply Letter

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    Looking for sample plus right words to write reply letter? Follow the guidelines of business letter writing and keep in mind on what you wish to accomplish in the end of writing.

    Reply letter can be written in response to complaint or enquiry on the business product and services. Remember to follow through after your introduction by addressing the question, inquiry or complaint.

    Answer any questions or direct the person to someone who has the answers and do your best to solve any question or problem brought to your attention.

    It’s important to keep your reply letter as simple, brief and focused as possible for fast and easy understanding.

    You can use the standard business style letter as guidelines to format reply letter. Do a proofread and eliminate grammar and spelling errors in your reply letter.

    Business Reply Letter

    (Sender Name)
    (Sender Title/Position)
    (Sender Organization Name)
    (Sender Street Address)
    (City, State, Zip Code)


    (Customer Name)
    (Customer Title/Position)
    (Customer Organization Name)
    (Customer Street Address)
    (City, State, Zip Code)

    Enquiry About Moshi Monster

    Thank you for your enquiry regarding our newly released range of Moshi Monster.

    You will see from the enclosed catalogue that the range has been extended to include Moshi Monster on Christmas theme.

    We are offering to our existing customers a 30% discount on orders of Moshi Monster from this new range.

    We look forward to your increased order at this discount rate.


    (Position Title)

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