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Request Letter To Increase Credit Limit

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    When you are experiencing some financial difficulties, you may want to have your credit limit extended. This is when you need to write a request letter for increase of credit limit.


    Start your letter by disclosing your contact information and name. Always bear in mind the reason for writing. You can also give a brief explanation of why you need to have your credit limit increased.

    The Reason

    In this section, give your reader detailed information of what you are going through financially. Let your reader know if the hardships are permanent or temporary. You can also give a brief explanation of why you would like to have the limit increased.

    Your Efforts

    Give your reader reasons to believe that you are trying your best. Let them see that you are doing all that you can to have things get back to normal.


    In this section, you should give your reader your opinion of what you think should be done. However, this should have the backing of claims made in the preceding part of the letter.

    Sample Request Letter To Increase Credit Limit

    10th April 2012

    Martin John
    12546, Second Street,
    Boston, MA

    United Entrepreneurs Bank
    2417, First Street,
    Boston, MA

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Ref: Request for increase of credit limit

    My name is Martin John. I am writing to request for an increase in the current credit limit. I am enduring a period of financial difficulties due to (give the hardships you are going through).

    However, this is temporary and I am doing all that is within my reach to fix the issue. I hereby request that you consider increasing the limit of my current credit.

    As you can see from your records, I have always been consistent in making my payments. I will also ensure the same once things get back to normal. I hope this will convince you to consider my request.

    Looking forward to hear from you soon. Thanks in advance.

    Yours Faithfully,
    Martin John

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