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Residential Lease Renewal Letter Format

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    How to write a residential lease renewal letter? It always gives a landlord relief when a tenant completes the agreed period without causing trouble. If the tenant wishes to extend a lease term, the landlord may not hesitate because of a good relationship.

    But it is not guaranteed that a good relationship is the reason a landlord can extend a lease term. Some landlords may wish to raise the rent charges, and prefer doing so with a new tenant.

    Others might reject the extension because they want to use the premises for something else. Quite a number of times, tenants who wrongly associate with landlords, may fail to win a lease renewal.

    If you are in that category, the residential lease renewal letter should be aimed at winning the favor of the landlord and helping him come to terms with a change in heart.

    The renewal notice must be written must be sent to the landlord a minimum of three months before the expiry of the lease term. At times, the landlord may write a residential lease renewal letter to the tenant.

    If it so happens, he should inform the keep to the terms as stipulated in the expiring lease agreement. Consequently, the tenant will be compelled to sign a renewed agreement. The following is a residential lease renewal letter from a tenant.

    Example Of Residential Lease Renewal Letter

    (Name of Tenant)
    (Address of Tenant)


    (Name of Landlord)
    (Address of Landlord)

    Dear Sir/Madam,


    As you may be aware, the lease agreement expires five months from now. I am grateful for a cordial relationship that has existed between you and me.

    Consequently, I wish to submit my humble request to renew the lease term for the residence. My wife and I have had a comfortable stay in the place and it has become our home.

    We shall greatly miss it if we left. I also request that we continue with the terms as stipulated in the expiring agreement. I will be hoping for a positive response from you.

    Yours Sincerely,


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