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Writing Resume With Cover Letter

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    Writing a resume and a cover letter is not an art and you need to do your research on tips and examples before writing one. You should write a resume cover letter which explains your career background fits to the position criteria and this will create a higher chances for the recruiter to call you for an interview.

    Cover letter is more often attached with the resume to provide supportive information on your career background.

    Before you start writing your resume, review resume samples or examples from your friends and colleagues that work in the same field.

    Keep in mind that your resume needs to impress the employer to call you for interview.

    Perform proofreading from time to time to avoid any grammar or spelling mistakes in your resume.

    You may follow the resume format as below just for your examples in writing.

    Personal Information

    Include your personal details such as name, address, age, marital status, date of birth, nationality and other particular in this part.


    Include your education details such as primary school name, secondary school name, college name, university name together with the achievement result.

    Work Experience

    Forget about this part if you do not have any past work experience.

    Include your employer name for those who has work experience and you can briefly describe the job scope you are working on.

    Extra Experience

    For those who writing resume without any work experience, you can fill in this part with your special talents or positive personality traits.

    Those who has additional experience like IT programming skills can specify further to sell yourself.


    At last, do not forget to include any references in the final part of your resume.

    References are just important for the employer from Human Resources to verify your credential and all part of information written in your resume.

    Cover Letter Sample

    You can also learn how to write cover letter too as the opportunity for you to demonstrate your ability to write, communicate and deliver your idea effectively.

    A good cover letter will show the employer how much is the benefit of hiring you.

    Remember to emphasize your interests, experiences, skills, achievement and values you want to highlight to a potential employer in your cover letter format.

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