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Sales Advertising Letter Format

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    Looking for sample template of advertising letter or sales letter where it is important in any business and serve as one of the communication to customer about new product, services or promotion.

    Advertising letter or also known as sales letter is a low-cost advertising medium that lead to high profits generation.

    A well written headline sets the stage for an effective sales advertising letter. Your audience will be attracted if you move the headline into center, making the font larger in bold or in colour.

    Another advice is you need to identify the target audience or customer segment group before you start writing the sales advertising letter. You can achieve better by creating a list of your leads and potential customer by using business intelligence tools.

    Last but not least, double-check your sales advertising letter for grammar and spelling mistakes and proofread them several times before sending.

    Advertising Letter To Boost Sales

    (Print Advertising Letter On Corporate Letterhead)


    (Customer Name)
    (Customer Street Address)
    (City, State, Zip Code)

    Dear Valued Customer,

    Great news! As part of our service enhancement and to serve you better, we are pleased to inform that you may (brief description the new service/promotion) with immediate effect.

    On top of that, you get to earn a special gift as part of the member privilege whenever you subscribe to the new service/promotion.

    Why wait? Log on to our website now to subscribe the new service/promotion and redeem the special gift on the spot.

    For inquiries and assistance, call our Customer Service Helpdesk at 1-234-56-789 or e-mail us at advertising@letterformat.net.

    Your Sincerely,


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