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Sample Letter Of Consent

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    Letter of consent is a letter that you write to give another person permission to do something on your behalf. In example, consent letter to travel is required as entry requirement if your children traveling alone to other countries.

    The consent letter must have the original signature and cannot have any restrictions, conditions or stipulations.

    It is important to sign the letter in front of a witness, which is not the same person whom you are giving the permission to.

    Get the consent letter certified, stamped or sealed by an official who can swear to the validity of the letter if possible.

    Example Of Consent Letter

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I (name), do hereby grant my permission for my son/daughter, (son/daughter name) to travel to (foreign country name) with his/her mother (name).

    (Name) is my wife and she has permission from me to take (son/daughter name) on this trip for (describe the purpose of the trip) with the details as below.

    Child’s full name:
    Date of birth (DD/MM/YY):
    Place of birth:
    Passport number:
    Date of issuance of passport (DD/MM/YY):
    Place of issuance of passport:

    Full name of accompanying person:
    Passport number:
    Date of issuance of passport (DD/MM/YY):
    Place of issuance of passport:

    During that period, (son/daughter name) will be residing with (name of person where child will be residing in foreign country) at the following address:

    Number/street address and house number:
    City, province/state, country:
    Telephone and fax numbers (work and residence):

    Signature: _______________ (by you) Date: _______________

    Signature: _______________ (by witness) Date: _______________

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