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Sample Letter Of Reminder

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    Letter of reminder is a letter that you write to staff, customer or business partner to notify the upcoming event such as payment collection, contract renewal, driving license renewal and others.

    State the item you wish to remind the reader about and his/her expected action at the beginning of the reminder letter.

    Write clear instructions stating what the reader is expected to do next such as renewal of vehicle’s insurance policy in the agent office.

    Emphasize the deadlines with an underline in the reminder letter (optional) to give the reader an idea when he/she shall response.

    Acknowledge or apologize and ask the person to ignore the letter if they have already execute the action required in the reminder letter.

    Example Of Reminder Letter

    Dear Customer,

    RE: Vehicle’s No XYZ 1234

    We wish to remind that your above mentioned Vehicle’s Insurance Policy expires on (date).

    Please kindly contact us at any of the following sales outlets at the most convenience to you in order to assist your renewal of Insurance Policy and Road Tax.

    (Office Address)
    (Office Tel)
    (Office Fax)
    (Person In Charge Name & Contact Number)

    Please disregard this notice if the renewal has already been performed.

    Lastly, we thank you again for your continuous support and would like to hear from you soon.



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