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Tenancy Termination Letter From Landlord

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    Looking for how to write a tenancy termination letter as a landlord? Some prefer investing on living space in a view of increasing income through appreciating rent rates in these days.

    With the population increase and more and more people moving into cities there is a steady market for rented space. Yet there may be times when a house or a flat which is given to a tenant is required by the landlord either for himself or for a close relative.

    An agreement of tenancy will be there between the tenant and the landlord. The landlord may require the property either towards the end of the tenancy agreement period, or in some cases in between.

    It is customary for the landlord to inform the tenant his decision as a tenancy termination letter well in advance so that the tenant will be able to look for alternate arrangements.

    Please refer the tenancy termination from landlord as below.

    Sample Tenancy Termination Letter From Landlord

    (Address 1) (Address 2)
    (Area) (City)


    (Name of tenant)
    (Address 1) (Address 2)
    (Area) (City)

    Dear Mr. (Name of tenant),

    I hope this letter will find you with cheer and happiness. I have a nephew who was working in (city) all these years. He is getting promoted and relocated at this city from (month) onwards.

    I am in need of a suitable accommodation to him, and at present I don’t have a spare house for that. The agreement of tenancy between us will expire on (dd-mm-yyyy). As I require the house, I am not interested in renewing the tenancy agreement.

    So I hereby inform you my decision to terminate the tenancy on that date which is 90 (ninety) days from the date of this letter.

    Kindly make alternate arrangements to vacate the house and hand over the key on the date of termination of tenancy.

    During the time of this tenancy agreement our relation was very cordial which I appreciate very much.

    Thank you.

    Yours Sincerely,


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