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Transcript Record Request Letter

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    If you have changed residence or have not been able to collect your transcript record in good time, it is better that you write a transcript record request letter to the issuing officer in your former college or learning institution.

    Begin writing the letter by disclosing your personal information. This should indicate your names and contacts. Also indicate the reason why you are writing the letter which in this case would be requesting for your transcript record.

    You need to give the reader more details concerning the request that you are making. It might be the reason as to why you have not been able to pick the transcript record early enough or even personally.

    Show the reader that despite the reasons why you have not been able to collect the transcript record, he or she should believe that it will be in safe hands.

    You will also need to explain to the reader what you think is the best thing to do when issuing the transcript record to ensure that it is given to the right person.

    Sample Transcript Record Request Letter

    April 10th, 2012

    David Greg
    Achievers Training Institute
    00871 Keynote Street
    Reedville, 5672

    RE: Nelly Rowland
    546 River Road
    Oakland, ME 35672

    Dear Mr. Greg,

    Please receive my transcript record request letter for registration number ATI2007/987/DMPR. I sat my final exams in Marketing and Public Relations June 2010 and have since changed residence to Canada.

    Due to the distance and pending fees, I have not been able to collect my transcript record. However, I have been able to raise the pending fees of US$10,000 as required for obtaining the transcript record.

    I am sending my brother John Carter with the fees and a copy of this letter too to collect the transcript record on my behalf. Kindly ensure that you verify his passport number 6789302178 before issuing the transcript record for safety reasons. I would be glad if you offered him the necessary assistance.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Nelly Rowland

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