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Travel With Children Consent Letter

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    Looking for how to write a consent letter? When traveling with children, one may need authorization. This is due to the increasing concerns by authorities on abduction of children and other related crimes. As such, proper documentation is necessary whenever a guardian or parent travel with a child.


    You need to start by disclosing full information about the person traveling with the children. This include full name and contact details. You can also give a brief description of who the person is to the child. Also important to be included here are the details of the children traveling.


    At this stage, give reasons why the child is traveling. Tell the reader the duration these children are expected to remain in the destination they are headed to. You may also give information about what the children will be doing there.


    You can give the reader reasons to believe that the children’s wellbeing will be guaranteed in their destination. For instance, you can tell the reader who the children will be staying with in their new location.


    Here, you explain to the reader what you think can be done in case things fail to go as planned. For instance, you may give contacts via which you or the children can be reached. However, this should have the backing of the details given earlier in the letter.

    Sample Travel With Children Consent Letter

    To Whom It May Concern

    I (name of the parent or custodian) am the (legal parent guardian, custodian or non custodian) of (names and details of the child(ren) including place and date of birth. I have been granted (full name of the child(ren)) consent for traveling with(name and details of the person traveling with the child(ren).

    They will be visiting (details of the destination) for a period starting (date of departure to returning date). During this period, (child(ren) names) will be living with (name of the person the child(ren) will be living with) of the following address: (Give full address of the person who the child(ren) will be living with).

    Any question concerning this consent document may be directed the following: (Give address and all contact details of the persons who may be contacted for clarification).

    Signature (of custodial parent, legal guardian or non-custodial parent and their names). Date (when the letter was issued)

    Signed before (name and signature of the witness) on (date) at (location and address)

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