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Sample Wedding Proposal Letter

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    Looking for wedding proposal letter sample? We will guide you by giving example, format and tips which will help you in letter writing.

    It happens that you have reached the stage in your life where you find yourself enjoying a good and loving relationship, you’ve been going out for quite a while perhaps living together.

    Writing wedding proposal letter can be convenient but it could be least surprise compare to proposal in a fine dining with champagne and diamond ring.

    Example Of Wedding Proposal Letter

    My Eternal Love,

    It’s been 7 years we been together and I wonder how the time goes slow with you with sharing of tears and laughter.

    In the look into your eyes, I knew you are the one I want to spend my rest of my life with.

    I am willing to give anything and everything and I will always care about you with my heart.

    Through weakness and strength, happiness and sorrow, for better for worse, I will love you with every beat of my heart.

    My dreams came true because of you. Will you marry me?

    Forever Love,


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