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  • Appeal Letter For Dismissal From Work
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    When you commit a mistake in the company where you work, your employer may decide to dismiss you. However, this mistake may not be worth your dismissal. In that case, you may write an appeal letter for dismissal from work to express your disagreement with their decision.

    You need to start the letter by introducing yourself. Disclose your contact and other personal details. Also give a brief description of how the dismissal notification affected you.

    While writing this, always bear in mind the main reason for writing. Give more details about how the dismissal is likely to affect you. Let your reader know what you intend to do about the situation.

    If the dismissal was as a result of misconduct, let them see that you are willing to do all that you can to avoid a similar mistake in the future.

    You are also expected to give your opinion on what you think should be done. Give your view based on what you have written in the first stages of your letter.

    Example Of Appeal Letter For Dismissal From Work

    Newton Jean
    Senior Executive
    Stevenson Cleaners

    April 5, 2012

    Jimmy Kennedy
    Human Resource Department
    Stevenson Cleaners

    Dear Mr. Kennedy,

    Ref: Appeal For Dismissal From Work

    My name is Newton Jean. I received a dismissal from work letter from you yesterday. I was shocked by the letter considering its implications. I am writing to appeal against the decision requesting that you reconsider it.

    I accept that I violated the ethics of the company by (state your mistakes). However, this dismissal is a grave punishment that is likely to have great negative impact in my life and that of my loved ones. I regret the offense.

    I suggest that you allow me to continue serving the company in the same capacity. I have worked for this company faithfully for ten years. My records are clean and this is the first offense I have committed. I hope that this merit the reconsideration of the decision.

    Thank you in advance.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Newton Jean

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