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Letter Of Apology To Customer

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    Writing an apology letter can be quite nerve wrecking especially when you are writing it to a customer. Given that the reputation of any given business is entirely dependent on its associations with various clients, they should always make sure that the client’s complaints are responded to in the most appropriate and professional manner. Always have in mind that a good letter can do much more than just mending this relationship.

    Such a letter is mostly used when a company has made a billing error to a customer, or failed to respond to some of their concerns in good time. If a customer files a given complain and the company is found to be at fault, then they need to write a letter of apology to customer.

    The correct format of writing one is by using the right approach. Write the company’s details and the addresses and then go to the main body. Taking the right approaches means that the company should first accept their mistakes and making apologies for the same.

    Secondly, explain the reasons why all that happened and be sure to assure the customer that everything will be corrected as soon as it is humanly possible. Also make sure that the customer is assured of such incidences not recurring to any customer in future.

    Lastly thank them for their continued support to the growth of the company. More importantly, let them know that you still wish to have them and promising to give them the best services. Keep in mind that the tone of the letter should be kept positive at all times. Here is an example of a good letter of apology to customer.

    Sample Apology Letter To Customer

    Kelly Wright
    The Managing Director,
    Data Limited Services
    234888-78899, New York

    Martin Williams
    The Managing Director
    Wood Lands Company
    4566677-78900, New York

    Dear Mr. Williams,

    Following your complaint dated 12th March 2012; we sincerely take this opportunity to pass our apologies to you. We are very sorry that we charged you unfairly for our services to you last month.

    It was a clearly a mistake that was caused by a glitch in the company’s automated systems. As a result, we have put up new procedures that are aimed at ensuring that this does not happen in future. In the meantime, we have corrected the mistake and taken back the refunds in your account.

    We would like to thank you for your continued support, and we hope that our good customer relationship will continue thriving. You remain our most valued asset.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Managing Director

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