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Apology Letter For Absence

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    Looking for apology letter for absence? At one time or the other, you have been in situations where a letter for absence proves to be quite essential. It could be a business meeting that you failed to attend for some valid reasons or a class that you missed to attend due to unavoidable circumstances.

    A letter of absence is primarily defined as a validation that is written down for being absent especially in a work place. Its main purpose is to provide the management or the employers with valid reasons for such an absence.

    A good example is when one has a sick child and cannot leave them alone; they should write this letter explaining such a situation to justify their actions. Here is a format explaining the best format to use while writing one.

    The Introduction

    First, you should disclose your details such as the name as well as your contact addresses and more important, the reasons for being absent. The reasons should be made in details but should be of a reasonable length, a too lengthy letter of absence can tend to be boring.

    The Reasons

    At this juncture, one is expected to expound more on the reasons for absence to justify their absence to whatever event that was. Let the recipient understand that you had the will to attend but for some reasons, you could not make it.

    Your Plans

    Finally one should reassure and make the employer believe that everything is back to normal and that normal duties will resume soon. If it’s a dinner or a social event that you missed to attend, make them know that your reasons were completely unavoidable and that you wish to join them for the next one.

    Here is a perfect example of an apology letter for absence.

    Example Of Absence Apology Letter

    12th March 2012

    Mrs. Brian Adams,
    Woodlands Transport Company,
    254, Tokyo, Japan

    Mr. John Williams,
    Human Resource Manager,
    National Bank Woodlands,
    255, Tokyo, Japan

    Dear Mr. Williams,

    I wish to express regret for not being present at your company’s Christmas Eve’s Dinner, even though I had sent apologies saying I won’t be able to attend.

    Just a day before Christmas, my first-born son fell from the balcony and got a serious fracture. I had to rush him to the hospital and have him get some treatment. Since everyone had gone upcountry, I had no option than to keep him company at the hospital. I had to keep checking him now and then hence could not make it to be present.

    However, he is now far much better and is almost being discharged. His bones are slowly mending and is now completely out of danger. Anyway, I am hoping you all had some wonderful time at the dinner. I would totally wish to be in the next one.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Brian Adams

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