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Apology Letter For Missing Appointment

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    Looking for apology letter for missing appointment? When you miss or get late for an appointment, you should give an explanation to people who have been waiting for you.

    Apology letter for missing appointment should give valid explanation for missing the appointment. Below is the format that you should use in your letter.


    You should start by disclosing personal details. These should include your name, contact information and not forgetting why you are writing the letter. Also give a brief explanation of what made you miss the appointment.


    At this section, let the reader see that you regret missing the appointment. Give more details about factors that cropped up hindering you from showing up for the appointment. It is also important that you ensure that your reasons are valid and convincing.

    Future plans

    In this section of your letter, give the persons who were waiting for you suggestions on how the challenges that arose from your failure to attend the meeting can be fixed. Let them see that you are determined to have things run as planned.


    Here, you need to give suggestions that you think can be implemented to have things go as per the plans. You can suggest for a future appointment as per the panel’s convenience and promise that you won’t miss the appointment. Give the reader convincing reasons that will show them you will not miss the appointment that you set at a future date.

    Sample Apology Letter For Missing Appointment

    March 9th, 2012

    Daniel Martin
    Financial Services Consultant
    AFS Financial Services Co.
    20120 Keynote Lane

    RE: Daniel Martin Firm
    354 River Road
    Oakland, AFS

    Dear (Name),

    I deeply regret missing our appointment on (Scheduled date). I kindly request you to accept my sincere apologies. I was unable to show up for the appointment because (state a reason) that delayed me past the scheduled time for the appointment. I was so much interested in meeting you so that we can discuss (state the meeting objectives).

    I would like us to schedule another meeting on a future date. I will be available on (give a list of times and dates when you are available). Please let me know when it is convenient for you.

    Your Sincerely,
    (Your Name)

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